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Our Story

Your Time is Now

Calling all the dream chasers, the money makers, the forward thinkers and the go getters.

Being at the centre of the entrepreneur revolution and with the digital age in full steam, we know that your time is now. Taking that step and starting your own business can be a daunting and challenging task which is why we created My Time To Reign. 


Natural dream chasers and money makers with over 30 years of experience collectively. We offer a range of bespoke services to help you start and grow your own successful business. We want you to experience the freedom and balance we have created in our own lives by being our own boss. 

My Time to Reign is a consultancy for entrepreneurs and start-ups or existing businesses and all of our services are bespoke and tailored to your business. We understand your vision and share your passion. 


We believe there is enough business and opportunities out there for everyone which is why we have created the MTTR Network. An exclusive (yet inclusive) network of likeminded people who believe in lifting others. Working together to support each other’s dreams.


We work with you to help you live your dream, grow your business and leave your legacy.

Our Values

Our Values

Our Team

Our Team



Founder &

Head of Business and Legal

A natural business woman with a passion for adventure! Tyne would list working as a hobby and often finds herself (rather passionately) speaking about work and trying her best to inspire others.



Head of Creative

A branding guru, who shares your vision and knows the best ways to tell the story of your brand through every publication, from digital to print. Charlotte was nicknamed The Branding Queen and has lived up to the name ever since.



Head of Financial

A human calculator with an innate way with numbers! Liam loves the mundane tedious tasks and is rather good at them! He will keep you in line and in budget and manage all things MONEY!

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